Discus passion | 7 Card Stud Poker Games Rules
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7 Card Stud Poker Games Rules

Poker Games Rules

7 Card Stud Poker Games Rules

The seven card stud poker is quite hard to master. The game is played by limiting the betting structure, and the players are dealt seven cards but they can make an only five-card poker hand, and the winner is the player who has the best five card poker hand. The Seven stud poker is also known as the seven-toed Pete. It is also known as down the river.  You need about two players as a minimum to play the game, and the maximum number of players can go up to 8.

Poker Games Rules


There is a cost you need to pay if you want a hand to be dealt with you. So, before the game starts all the payers in the game ante a nominal amount. The nominal amount which the player needs to pay depends on the casino, and it is usually displayed in the tables title bar.

The third street:

Each player in the seven card stud game is first dealt three cards were two cards in that are placed face down, and the other card is placed face-up. The player who has the lowest rank card needs to start the game. Now, the players need to place their bets; the person who has to start the game places his bet first and the game proceeds in the clockwise direction.

The fourth street:

In the fourth street, each player in the game is given an additional card, and it is called as the Fourth Street. Here, the player who had the highest poker value card in the first deal needs to start first. For example, if a player who has an exposed card that is the Kings, then he would act first. Now, this player has the rights to check or bet the lower structured bet amounts.

The fifth street:

After the fourth street, each player gets an additional card, and that card is called the fifth street. In this round, the player with the highest poker value must act first in the round, and again one round of betting takes place.

The sixth street:

In the sixth street the individual who has exposed all the five cards and if he has the highest number of poker value, then that player needs to start the game. Another round of betting is done in the sixth round.

The Seventh Street (River):

The seventh street is also known as the river. The seventh round is the final round in the game, and the final card is dealt with all the players. The seventh card is dealt face down, and only the players can see that card. Now in this seventh round, the final round of betting is done, and if any player is remaining, then the game reaches a showdown.

The showdown:

If there is more than one player left in the final round, then the last player who placed the bet needs to show their cards. The player who has the best five card hand poker wins the game.

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